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Ten Step Korean Skin Care Routine | 2016

I know you’ve heard about this routine. If you haven’t check out SoKo glam’s article about it here. It’s very detailed and has everything you need to know. This post is my version of the ten step routine and some thoughts about it.


1 – Oil Cleanser

My choice: The Saem’s Healing Tea Garden White Tea Cleansing Water


For my first step, I opted for a cleansing water. Similar to cleansing oils/makeup removers, this product also removes makeup and dirt. I decided to go for a cleansing water instead because I don’t generally wear a lot of makeup. To use, I generously dispense it on a cotton pad and gently wipe away my makeup. I love how clean my skin feels after this step.

2 – Water Based Cleanser

My forever choice: Pond’s Anti-Bacterial Facial Scrub

I’m the kind of person that if I find something that works for me, I stick to it. This has been the story for my cleanser of more than ten years! I love how this product is an acne product and has exfoliating beads too. Sort of like a 2-in-1 product. But the real story here is how clean my skin feels after using the cleansing water and washing my face with this facial scrub. Double cleansing leaves my face clean and ready for the next steps!

3 – Exfoliation

My choice: Nature Republic’s Super Aqua Max Soft Peeling Gel

I picked up this product way before I found out about the ten-step Korean skincare routine. I honestly was just looking for a scrub I could use. There are two things I love about this product. First is how I rinse off the dead skin cells I scrub off my face. Second is how clean my face feels after. I use this product religiously every week but I’m upping my game and have been using it twice a week lately because I honestly I feel this product is so-so. I want to finish this one first before moving on to a new product. #minimalism

Wishlist: Innisfree’s Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, Klair’s Gentle Black Sugar Scrub, Skinfood’s Black Sugar Mask

4 – Toners

My choice: Etude House’s Wonder Pore


I consider this as one of my holy grail products! Backstory first, before I used the rest of the skincare products listed here, I had a very simple Pond’s facial scrub and Wonder Pore toner routine. Even with that simple combination alone, I saw that my pores got smaller and my skin looked brighter. Many thanks to you, Wonder Pore!

Wishlist: I’ve been eyeing this Son and Park Beauty Water. It says it’s an all in one product. I’m classifying it under toner until I get more info about it.

5 – Essence

Wishlist: Missha’s Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence


I WANT THIS BADLY. The price tag on this product is a bit too hefty for me right now so it has to wait. I’m a little bit bummed about not having an essence in my routine yet but I’m willing to wait if, in the end, I can have this product! **Somebody fund me!!**

6 – Serums, Boosters & Ampoules

My choice: Innisfree’s The Green Tea Seed Serum

This product is also one of the reasons why I got sucked into the wormhole that is Korean skincare. Immediately after pumping it into my fingers and slowly massaging it into my skin, I knew I have been doing everything wrong. Serums are lighter than moisturizers and it absorbs easily into my skin. It leaves my skin looking dewy without any stickiness and shine.

7 – Sheet Masks

My Choice: Etude House’s Pearl Extract Mask


There are a lot of sheet masks out there in the market that cater to almost any type of skin and skin problem. Through the years I have tried a lot but the one that I always come back to is Etude House’s Pearl Extract Mask. Honestly, though, after any form of sheet mask you’d use, you’ll notice that your skin is left feeling moisturized and refreshed. Just pick any from the numerous poisons. 😛

8 – Eye Cream

Wishlist: Innisfree’s The Green Tea Seed Eye Cream


Another product that I am still saving for! I’m obsessed with anything that has green tea in it that’s why I picked this product. But honestly, I’m not too inclined to buy an eye cream at the moment since I don’t have any serious under eye problems.

9 – Moisturizers

My choice: Innisfree’s Green Tea Balancing Lotion

I think by now you’d realize that I’m obsessed with anything that has green tea in it, I love how this moisturizer is still light and absorbs easily into my skin. I don’t like heavy creams and the past moisturizers I used definitely were like that. I also love using this under my makeup! My skin doesn’t feel heavy or clogged even if I already have tons of product on my face.

10 – Sun Protection

Wishlist: Klair’s Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion




I don’t use any sun protection! Having been exposed to the Korean skincare made me more conscious of this making this item is definitely on my must buy. But to be completely honest, I feel like applying sun protection and then a makeup base that has SPF is just a hassle.

* * *

I know ten steps for a skincare routine is too much, but of course, you’re not going to use these ten products every day. Some steps are only done once a week while some should be done more often. Remember skincare should be personalized. Use this ten step Korean skincare to guide you in finding a regimen that works for you! Have fun looking into the wonderful realm of Korean skincare and remember to consult a dermatologist if shit happens.

16 thoughts on “Ten Step Korean Skin Care Routine | 2016”

  1. my girlfriend swears by the korean 10-step skin care as well, which drives me crazy whenever i call her and she says that she’s in the middle of step 4 or whatever haha! but she enjoys it, and if i’m not too lazy, maybe i’ll add a step or two to my routine, too. which, by the way, consists only of facial wash and aloe vera. 😀

    1. i think your girlfriend and i can be friends 😛 to be honest though, i only do 5 steps daily! you’re not too far behind haha!!

      1. we’re going to korea next month! if you want, i can check the price of those etude house masks? they might be cheaper, and etude shops are practically everywhere. i can hoard you some 🙂

          1. Ahahaha okay! 😀 masks lang naman, that’s hardly going to take luggage weight ^_^ go go go! let me know. sa December 18 pa naman ako punta. 🙂

  2. Girl, bilhin ko na ba lahat to or blog ka ng mga need bilhin na you can vouche for na products? Wala akong clear idea sa skin care eh hahaha umaasa lang ako sa reviews mo talaga hahaha

    1. Wahahaha! Nako girlll… need mo muna malaman ano skin type mo at kung ano need ng skin mo. Tapos dun ka magdedecide anong klaseng brands/products dapat mong bilin. Ako kasi normal to combination skin kaya kahit ano lang binibili ko. Di din naman sensitive skin ko kaya di masyadong nagbbreak out. Ikaw ba anong klaseng skin meron ka?

      Pero ako, lately, mas gusto ko na yung products for acne prone/sensitive skin kasi sigurado ako na hindi siya magiging harsh sa skin ko at for sure acne fighting! Gagawa na ba ako ng post para dito? LOL baka tagyawatin kayo sa mga pinagsasasabi ko hahahaha

      1. Girl, sensitive and acne prone ako since nung april hahaha wala talaga ako tigyawat pero dahil siguro sa stress at weight gain na naganap nagbreak out ako as in yung break out na bonggang nagkaron ng apocalypse sa muka ko levels. ahaha

        Anyway, Kat gawa ka na talaga nung must haves ganern. Pleaaaase haahah gusto ko na bumili! HAHA

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