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Review: Brickfire

Since I was a born and bred South girl, everything after Makati/Fort area is considered far. That is why during one of our dates I asked Mike to take me to SM North Edsa for a field trip! Haha.

We got off of work and rode a cab to the mall and arrived minutes before it opened. (There is something so soothing about being in a mall before the hoards of people come!) We were trying to find a gadget that day so we spent most of our time at the annex part and decided that instead of eating over at the other side of the mall, it would be better to find a restaurant there. There are not a lot of food choices at the annex so we decided to eat at Brickfire.

brickfire menu

Brickfire serves traditional Filipino food alongside American staples, specializing in steaks! According to their Facebook paeg, they are a new casual dining steakhouse that is whetting everyone’s appetites with their sumptuous steaks and chops cooked to fork tender juiciness. 

At the meat of the matter is the cooking process which uses a brick oven. Prime meats like steak, pork chops and tenderloin are marinated and roasted in a 400-degree heated oven. The meat cooks in its own juices and flavors, that would have otherwise been lost if cooked over an open flame, are locked in.

Sounds yummy!

Ambience: For their SM North Edsa location it is unfortunate to say that it was too dark and dingy for my taste. 🙁 The lighting was a little too dark for my taste and seriously, I felt like the whole place wasn’t lit. Aside from the lighting, the seats were comfortable and edgy.

The picture above is taken from Google, but that wasn’t how it looked when I dropped by. It might be because we arrived pretty early so they didn’t have time to open all their lights yet, lol.

Service: It is important to note that Mike and I decided to eat at around 10:30AM for lunch so that fact might have affected their overall service but still, that shouldn’t be an excuse. I wouldn’t say that  the service was totally awful but it lacks in a lot of ways. Being that it was our first time there and didn’t have a clue on what their specialties were, the waitress could have suggested their best sellers but instead she just waited for us to make our decision.

Food/Drinks: The good thing about Mike is he doesn’t find it weird when I get food from his plate to taste what he ordered. This means, I can give reviews for both our food! 😛

I was really craving for Salpicao that day and just my luck, they were serving it! I had the Salpicao while Mr. A had Salmon. (I forgot to list down what we had exactly, oops!) Serving wise, I think you can really tell that the salpicao I ordered looked really sad and lonely compared to Mr. A’s salmon. Also our vegetables looked unhappy. Good thing that even if the physical appearance wasn’t too appetizing, the taste of both the salpicao and salmon was mouth-watering.

The salpicao was perfectly tender and had the right amount of taste, not too salty. The garlic on top perfectly complimented the beef cooked in butter. For the salmon, it was heaven on a plate. I wanted to switch plates with Mr. A as soon as I got a taste of it! 😛

Value: Personally, for a single serving of rice and a viand, Brickfire was too expensive. My salpicao was priced at 140php while the salmon was 240php. Considering the portions we had, I was a little disappointed with my overall experience.

Overall Rating: Food was good but their price was a little too steep for me. I am giving this place a 3/5.

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Brickfire Restaurant
2nd Flr. #48 E.Abada cor. R.Alvero St. Loyola Heights
Quezon City, Philippines
0917 354 7318 | 426 2254 (Katipunan)
0998 261 2851 | 0927 523 1130 (SM North)
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