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Reasons Why Cooking is Good For You


When I was younger, I used to spend all my free time watching cooking shows. It wasn’t until last year that I have really started to try and cook! This year, however, I took it up a notch by bringing my own food to work instead of eating at restaurants you barely know where the food comes from.

Doing this enabled me to learn how to cook and also identify what kind of food/ingredients come into my body. It has not only been a very fun (and challenging) activity for me, it has also been a very educational journey! Yey for food!! 😀


  1. You know what’s going into your body:  When you cook, you get to choose what ingredients you use. This has to be the best reason out there! You can use less of the bad stuff and more of the good stuff. This means less preservatives or artificial flavors and more of the organic and fresh ingredients. Plus, you know where your food comes from! You know have a choice of eating fresh meat/poultry compared to preserved or frozen foods.
  2. It is a skill: Everybody has to learn how to cook! 😛 It is a skill that is essential for human’s existence. Plus, it is such a fun thing to do. Just remember to never pressure yourself and take baby steps when cooking. It also helps if you read a lot and make yourself informed.
  3. It’s healthier: Let me over share a little. I am overweight according to my BMI. Working on night shift hasn’t helped my desire to shed some pounds but neither has all the fast food I have been eating. Once I started cooking, my overall outlook towards food, health and exercise changed. I started making healthier choices and reading more about food and how it can affect my body. Cooking has in fact changed my whole perspective about my health!
  4. It’s cheaper: Ok, sometimes it can be more expensive but only if you are on a strict diet or if need expensive ingredients. But lately, I have been realizing that preparing my own food is way cheaper. A perfect example was when I cooked and prepared pesto spaghetti using my budget for two days for food which I was able to eat for a whole week!
  5. A great bonding experience: This reason has a personal touch to it. My mom cooks very well and because of my desire to cook, she has been handing me top secret tips and tricks I can use in the kitchen.  We get to talk more because of it and she gets to teach me a new skill I can use for the rest of my life! Sweet trade. 😀

In the end, cooking is such a good activity to help uplift our lives whether it be by learning a new skill, eating healthier or even sharing moments with our family. So go out there, buy your own food and start cooking! 🙂

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Do you have other reasons why you love to cook? Tell me what you think!

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