Review: Hot Star Philippines

A couple of weeks back, before the birth of this blog, we were at Robinson’s Galleria and we spotted Hot Star Large Fried Chicken at the food court. From blog posts and online reviews, I found out that Hot Star is a very popular chicken store in Taiwan which specializes in humongous chickens.

hot star

Ambience/Service: Hot Star has a fast food style so they fit in perfectly in food courts. Despite it being there though, their stall itself was well-lit and the menu can be easily seen so ordering was pretty fast and straight forward.

Food/Drinks: Mike, as usual, ordered HS4 – Large Crispy Fish (P110) while I got their specialty HS1 – Original Large Fried Chicken + Rice + Drinks (P110 + P35).


The chicken was big, very big. I wish I took a photo while holding it up but it was fresh out the kitchen which made that impossible. It was very well seasoned and you will really enjoy every bite you take. Although personally it was a little too big and by the time I ate a third of it, I decided to switch plates with Mike. 😛

I am so lucky he is okay with that set-up.

Now, for the fish. If you ever eat here, I wouldn’t suggest to order this one for two reasons. First, fish is not their specialty. It’s chicken, so stick with that. Second, although the fish tasted very well and quite enjoyable to eat, I think I ate more breading than fish. 😦

Value: At the price indicated above, you actually get more than what you paid for. If you are on a diet, two people can share an order! It is that big! It is well priced and the combo meals (addition of rice and drink) definitely works well with us Filipinos.

Overall Rating: The food was very good it was a real treat to see chicken the size of half my face. I would definitely recommend it you guys especially if you are looking for a different tasting chicken. 🙂

IMG_1420 (4)

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Have you eaten at this place? Tell me what you think!


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4 thoughts on “Review: Hot Star Philippines

  1. I’ve eaten at the Hot Star franchise in Sydney, Australia. I absolutely love it. The owners in Sydney have been very clever in where they put the shop – it’s right near a lot of pubs and bars, so if you have had a bit to drink and can smell fried chicken, you definitely order big! Last time I went though, I burnt my mouth pretty bad on the fried mushrooms. I was too excited!

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    1. Their chicken is the best!! Their location is brilliant and perfect for food after having drinks. 😀 How was the fried mushrooms? I’ve never heard of that before..

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      1. The fried mushrooms were ok. They were little button mushrooms covered in batter. I think with mushrooms though, they hold the oil in. Not good tmwhen you bite into it and the hot oil explodes in your mouth! I think my tastebuds were killed haha

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