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My Forever Muse

I have only been blogging for two months as “The Food Blogger” and its obvious that my ultimate muse is food. You can see in my pictures the different things I have been trying to do when taking food photos. I am honestly not a pro yet but I can only know what works well with food if I try.

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Take a look at this photo of ramen from Santouka that I captured close-up. What I like about this is, I can see even the oils of the ramen! The details of close-up photography (if it is called such) is my favorite. Or check out the second photo of the yummy lasagna roll-up.santouka3


I also play around by taking shots from above. I have realized that this sort of shot looks best for “group” foods. Check out the oatmeal cookies and the chicken wings as examples.



I still have a long way to go when it comes to photography but one thing I know for sure is my one and only muse will always be with me.

Happy Monday everyone! 🙂


    • Kat @TFB says

      It’s from Wingstop, a local chicken wings place here in Manila. 🙂 IT HAS THE MOST FLAVORFUL WINGS EVER. Hehe.


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