Max’s Mango Cream Dessert


In an effort to keep everything fresh and to keep my readers excited for something new in my blog, I present to you the SPOTLIGHT section!

If you have noticed there is a section in my blog called Reviews. In this section, I try my best to give out reviews of places I ate along with prices and my own two cents about it. However, Mike and I tend to eat at places we like often and order the same thing regularly, it gets repetitive resulting to no new stuff for the review section! Haha.

Without further ado, let me show you my first food item for this section. It’s non other than Max’s Restaurant newest dessert: Mango Cream Dessert!



I love Mangoes so this is an instant hit for me!! 🙂 I’m not one who can distinguish what ingredients were used in a dish/dessert, but I can safely say that the bottom part was very similar to the crust of cheesecakes. I love the combination of the cream and mangoes topped with all that crunchy goodness.

If you want to try it for yourself, drop by your nearest Max’s Restaurant now!! 🙂

8 comments on “Max’s Mango Cream Dessert”

  1. yum yum for me tum tum. I need this dessert in my life. Thanks so much for sharing

    I’m Celeste and I also am taking the Blogging 101 course along with you and I just wanted to drop by and introduce myself and invite you over to my blog as well

    Drop by anytime to say hello or just browse around.

    Welcome To Blogging 101 😉
    ☆☆ Happy Blogging ☆☆


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