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Reasons Why YOU Should Start Drinking Green Tea

Hello, lovely people! Today’s top five will hopefully encourage you to start drinking green tea! 🙂

I started drinking green tea way back in college as an alternative to coffee. I do not like coffee and green tea has managed to satiate any desire of trying coffee. My ultimate go to tea is Twinings Green Tea and Lemon.

I did taste all of the green tea flavors Twinings had to offer but my favorite has to be the one with Lemon. It has this very light green tea taste added with just the right amount of lemon flavor making it so light but perfect. Also, the smell is just so fragrant.

The top five I am going to list is based on my personal experience, it has no scientific basis. Only my feelings. 😛

Let’s get to it.

  1. Drinking green tea has a very calming effect. Sipping it and enjoying its flavor it one of the best things about it.
  2. Somehow, you might feel like you are transported back to England. You feel classy. LOL
  3. It can help your bowel movement. Drinking a cup a day helps make the train go faster.
  4. It has other health benefits like antioxidants and may help lower risks of getting cancer or diabetes.
  5. My fave reason: It is a way better alternative to coffee.

If you feel like you need more reasons to start drinking green tea, read more here.


  1. I think I like green tea more as a flavoring in other things than just straight up drinking it but that brand looks good since I like green tea lighter and the lemon should counteract the bitterness.

    • Flavoring for what? This brand is good and perfectly light. If you have it over there you should try it. 🙂

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