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Top Five Reasons Why Having a Positive Vibe is the Solution to All Your Problems!

Aaaahh. Hello, fellow bloggers/readers. As you might have seen in a previous post, life has been major shitty. Excuse the word but it really has been!! It has been especially difficult to keep on blogging or finding inspiration to continue on with this work but I made a promise to myself that I will not quit on this.

I admit, all my life, I have never been the most positive person in the world. I have always been a realist. (a person who tends to view or represent things as they really are) With this kind of thinking there is less chance of getting hurt. It’s so much easier.

But hey, life is a crazy. Life will teach you things even if you don’t want to be taught. So people need to adapt to it and just go with the flow. There’s no point fighting the current anyway.

With all that said, hehe, I know present to you Top Five Reasons Why Having a Positive Vibe is the Solution to All Your Problems! 

  1. Everything becomes simple

Why do we want things to be simple anyway? I personally like when things aren’t complicated and there’s just a simple solution to every problem we face.

  1. Best possible version of you

Nobody likes a party pooper. Don’t indulge yourself in negativity and never dwell on the bad things. Nothing good ever comes out of negativity, I tell you!

  1. Positive Mind. Positive Vibe. Positive Life.

Positivity can spread, not only on yourself but to the people around you as well. Be that ray of sunshine to everyone.

  1. Maturity

From my personal experience, I think that being positive and knowing when to rise above all shows a person’s maturity. I don’t think that maturity is super important but if you are going through a rough time knowing that you can handle bad situations maturely and rationally affects you personally and helps you figure out solutions faster.

  1. Pay it forward

The most important reason for being positive is you can also teach others to be positive. You can spread sunshine, rainbows, and butterflies to anyone you meet which results in happiness all over the world.

I honestly don’t think this post is very convincing as to why someone should be positive. Haha. 😛 Honestly writing though, it is so important to be positive in life and just look for that silver lining. The main reason is because we only live once. Life is too precious for us to just dwell on the past or the negative things. Always remember that there is always a rainbow after the rain. After all that has been said and done in your life, it is always best that at the end of the day, the person you have become is someone you can be proud of.

This post is inspired by Mike and how he has taught me to be the best possible version of me. I am so thankful to have Mike in my life and be a source of positivity and support. He totally distracts me from all the major life happenings and teaches me to accept them as positively as I can.

And for some more cheese, I’d like to add that as the years add up in our relationship, I am beginning to understand and appreciate him more. I love how he is constantly teaching me new things and helping me improve my attitude and outlook in life. So, kids, the top tip I have is when looking for a partner in life, look for someone who can help you become a better person in all aspects. Stop looking at the outside of a person and look deeper, look within his soul.

Love you guys, stay positive! THANK YOU IF YOU GOT TO THIS PART! 

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This post was a free writing post about being positive. I’m so happy it somehow coincides with Daily Post’s challenge. 🙂

If you haven’t figured out yet, the bad habit I want to break is being a realist or pessimist at times. Time to be an optimist!


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Breakdown.”


  1. I think part of your dilemma is the belief that a realist can’t have a positive attitude. A realist searching for weakness, negativity, bleakness, etc is simply a pessimist. This is not synonymous with being a realist. A realist that has a positive attitude sees the downside and alters the focus creating a beneficial outcome. Bad can still exist; it simply isn’t the center of attention. If you can accept my hypothesis, I believe your view on life could be more positive. Wishing you the outcome you desire.

    • I’d have to think on what you said. It does sound better & at this point I’m all up for new ideas that can make me more positive. 🙂 Thanks for the input, really…it means a lot. 🙂

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