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A Patriotic List

Today’s assignment was drafted while I was watching a politician’s advert on the bus. With the Presidential elections coming up next year, I’d thought of creating a list of things I wish for my country, the Philippines.

Things I wish: For my country, the Philippines

  1. Filipinos to love their own country!
  2. Filipinos to stop littering and throwing trash everywhere. Take care of the environment! 
  3. Filipinos would unite despite political & religious differences after all, we are all Filipinos
  4. Filipino drivers to follow traffic rules
  5. Traffic to alleviate & public transport to improve!
  6. Education for all especially for the underprivileged & those in rural areas
  7. I sincerely wish that Filipinos would follow the law! Everyone should obey it regardless of who they are!!
  8. I wish the government would create/build more parks in the city
  9. That there would be politicians who will be selfless & not be corrupt
  10. No more awful TV shows that don’t help nation & character building!
I wish upon a wishing star. May the future elections bring the Philippines a more prosperous future.


  1. I love the spin you took on this list. Different than a lot of others I have read. Can’t wait to read more through the course!

  2. Aww! As a Filipina I am really struck by your list! This is not just patriotic, this is truthful. I completely agree that discipline is what we need. Really! And those TV shows are getting worse, actually. 😀

  3. Yes. That is just true. I am one of those who would want to stay here, though. 🙂 I think it is not really about our government, it is about us as individuals.

    • Me too. I’ll stay and I try to encourage my friends to do the same. 🙂 I think it’s a both. The government sure has a role to play but most especially the citizens. 🙁

  4. I think about learning and understanding politics sometimes. I’m very skeptical though. I hope the Philippines becomes a better place for you.

    • I hope so too. Politics is something I personally don’t want to get into. I don’t have the ‘balls’ for it. I’m just too idealistic for it… 🙂

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