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One-word inspiration / Uncertainty

Here is my entry for Writing 101. I don’t know exactly what to call what I wrote. Maybe it’s fiction? Please do tell me what you think. 🙂

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Her world stopped when she found out that her father only had four months to live. It was all so unexpected, one moment they were having their usual fights and then the next thing she knew both her parents were telling her the news. She cried herself to sleep that night. Her heart was full of anger at the situation and regret for all the things she could’ve and should’ve done. All three of them lived like quietly for days, talking only when needed and limiting their contact with each other.

On the Sunday of the fourth week, she asked her mother how were things with her father. She told her mother that she had a dream about the three of them lounging around in an island and just enjoying each other’s company. She thought it was a good sign and hoped that good news was on the way. Her mom told her that there was no good news and that they should start preparing for the worst.

The little bubble she lived in crumbled. She was so used to living a comfortable and privileged life that she wasn’t willing nor was she prepared for any of this. All kinds of thoughts were running through her head. She was lost and unsure.

Today marks the end of the fourth month.

Today she wonders what will happen tomorrow.

Will today be the last day?


  1. Yep I think this is fiction. And I also think that it is great! It is short but it is heart wrenching. I can vividly imagine how she was devastated by the sad news.
    I can also relate a lot because my dad has been in a couple of near-death experiences and all of them are just so… devastatingly beyond words.
    Nice one, Kat! 🙂

    • It is partly inspired by real life events but some details I had to change a little. Thanks for reading it 🙂

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