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Back to the Start: The real reason why I blog.

I started blogging last year. Initially my first blog was just a distraction and a place where I challenged my creativity. I ended up deleting it because I found no goal in what I was doing and it was becoming more of an inconvenience. By late 2014/early 2015 my life made a turn. I was overweight and my dad was diagnosed again with cancer. I didn’t want to fall into the endless abyss of depression, that’s why I ended up making another blog and making food and health the center of it. Months into blogging, I am now on the cusp of having a normal BMI and have a better control of my emotions when it comes to my dad’s sickness.

When it comes to the real objective of my blog which is food and health, I normally follow a pattern. Recipes are scheduled on Tuesdays and reviews for places I’ve tried on Wednesdays. Other days I just write whenever I can. I take notes on my phone, message myself, and sometimes even e-mail myself (from my personal to work e-mail) just so I have a few minutes of my day to release my emotions and calm my nerves. It doesn’t really matter where or how I write, what matters is I document my feelings and thoughts.

Honestly this blog is making changes so often I’ve lost count. I don’t mind and I hope my readers/followers don’t mind as well. My blog is just going through its life and its trying to figure out what would be best for it. But even if it changes so often, the real goal of the blog would not and should not change.

And these goals are:

  • Help me achieve a normal BMI by making my own food and being more conscious with what I eat.
  • Deal with my emotions in a positive and constructive way.
  • Have 500 followers. The number of my followers will indicate whether I would want to try and monetize this blog. The internet says you can earn money if you blog and I’d like to give it a try. I know it is a long shot and from where I am now but well, I’d like to try. 

Blogging has been the perfect outlet for me and ironically it now serves as a convenient distraction from life itself. But I still find it weird that I keep this blog a secret from the people in my life. It’s far more easier to share my soul to strangers.

I do run out of blogging ideas and sometimes I lack motivation and inspiration to keep on going. I’d like to hear what you’d like me to write about.

Drop a comment if you’d like me to write about something in particular. Or answer this poll.

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I’m having too much fun with Bloggin U, I missed lunch. Happy Mondays everyone! 🙂


  1. Hi there, Kat! We have a looot of things in common and that amazes me. I am also an ‘overweight’ and I am struggling to have a normal BMI too. I now running twice a week but I cannot stop eating. 😀 So.. good luck on your goals! 😀

    • Waaahh!! 😀 Good for you!! I’ve been trying my best to get exercise but due to working on night shifts I prefer sleeping. 😛 I just really try to watch what I eat. Sana maging normal na BMI natin soon!! 😀

      • Ay oo nga. Mahirap magexercise kapag night shift ka. I’ll watch out for your healthy recipes. Sana yung affordable lang. 😀
        Cheers sa pagpapapayat, kababayan! 😀

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