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So, what’s the plan?

I wanted to write something about family planning and its importance in today’s society. I wrote a letter as today’s piece but ended it abruptly because of unsure I am of how people would accept to it. Here in Manila people are not educated enough to plan for their families thus resulting to three babies being born every minute last 2009. Just imagine the number of Filipino children being born into a ‘developing’ (more like third world really) country where money is the real measure of success and happiness.

I am saddened by the idea that not child will have equal opportunities in our country because of their social class. I am dismayed by the system where only the privileged get the best slice while the rest should make do with the leftovers and crumbs. I am angered by the fact that things aren’t going to change anytime soon.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. It is very unlike me to post something incomplete but I guess its my way of testing the waters. Oh and possibly a good talking point for day eight’s assignment. All your comments will be well received. 😛

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Dear Emilia,

Congratulations on your engagement! Writing a letter is very unconventional but I still went ahead with it since what I will say will be very controversial and I know your mom wouldn’t approve if she heard me saying this to you. I have your best interest at heart, so please read it with an open mind.

I know your mom has not educated you about family planning so I took it upon myself to tell you more about it. Family planning is not just abortion. It is about carefully planning when you and your partner would like to have children and making sure you stick to it. I plan to tell you the why in this letter and if you are open to it, we can talk in person the how.

Why should you do this, it is for one simple reason – it is for your future children. You and your partner have to put into consideration that you are not well off. You salary barely covers your living expenses. Think of adding another person to that mix. After your marriage, you still plan to live with your parents. Would this set-up be ideal for starting your own family? Think of the future and look at the bigger picture.

I am not saying that money is everything but it does play a big part in today’s society. I hope you realize that and I hope you will plan well for that.

With love,


    • Wow! I love what you wrote especially what you said about Kate! It’s their business anyway ☺️ and I definitely agree with the whole burden of family planning being shouldered mostly by women. It takes two to tango so why are most of the options only for women.

  1. Very well said, Kat. I personally agree with you that the Philippines needs to do some family planning. Not because we are against life. Not because we are thinking about money and only money all the time. It is for the sake of the child himself.

    I am a Christian and I am in favor of family planning. Because my heart breaks when I see street children and even babies that are homeless. I don’t think that’s the life that they deserve.

    So, kuddos to your letter! I hope a lot of Filipinos and Filipinas will be able to read it. 🙂

  2. Same sentiments and frustrations. I taught in the public school in QC for two years and got exposed to the realities of poverty. Of overflowing kids in the classroom. Of babies multiplying with parents/moms who may not be able to support them. The thing is, if they can’t sustain their basic need for food, they satisfy their other need instead, their only other alternative.

  3. Well. I am Christian too but me and my church actually is not against family planning. Why? Because as I’ve said, mas hindi tama na magsilang ng batang hindi mo kayang buhayin. Diba? I think ang dami lang close-minded na tao na ginagamit ang relihiyon sa mga bagay na pwede namang gamitan ng common sense. 🙂

    • I really hope in the future masolusyunan ‘tong problema na ito. I think ito yung mga gusto kong makita sa plataporma ng next president!

      Thank you so much for commenting talaga. Cheers for being open-minded. ☺️

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