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Continuing from yesterday’s topic of family planning, I am sharing with you ryanbestre’s comment on my last post.


I have spent a good hour trying to put into words why I choose his comment as inspiration for day eight’s assignment and believe it or not, I am nowhere near finished. I am truly at a loss for words. I guess I am overpowered with sadness with his comment because what he said was true.

I have no other way to continue this post than by saying that when it comes to kids, I am such a sucker. We have three young beautiful kids who were born out of unplanned pregnancy no thanks to unprotected sex and it disappoints me beyond reason that this sort of thing could have been avoided only if proper information was at hand.

When kids are in play all sorts of emotions rise up from within me because I always believed that my parents always gave me the best possible life they can provide for me and I’d want the same for the others. Because after all that’s said and done, aren’t the children our future.

*Cue: Michael Jackson song*


  1. I totally understand your feelings, Kat. I think the situation of a lot of kids are just really.. depressing. The saddest part is the reality is that there are still a loot of parents who just create a child without thinking of the life that they can give that little one.


  2. I totally agree with you. You’d think with the internet and all, information would be all around… It’s a little discouraging at times.

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