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Short and Sweet Note

It’s a new day.

Yesterday is over, a new opportunity awaits you. Face your day with a smile and see what happens.

Life has got surprises in store for you but no matter what it, all you need is a positive attitude to succeed.

Redirect all of your negative energy out the window and be grateful for today.

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This post was written for Writing 101’s Day 12: Play with word count. It was inspired by my horrendous commute to work last night. I was stuck in the MRT for 2.5 hours because of a faulty signaling system.

Up to now, I am still pretty amazed why I wasn’t intensely pissed off about it.


  1. A very positive post inspired by a very irritating experience. You really have the gift of converting negative vibes to good vibes. 😀

    When will our transportation sector improved… (sigh)

    Nice post, Kat! I missed your stories!

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