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Recipe: Adobo Rice

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I love adobo.

I can eat adobo any time of the day. I especially like it for breakfast when I wasn’t able to eat it for dinner but I can’t wait for lunch. Today’s simple recipe is adobo rice – it’s fried rice…with adobo. 😛

It’s pretty straightforward.

What you’ll need:

  • Leftover adobo
  • Garlic
  • Leftover rice

What you’ll do:

  • Slice pork from adobo into smaller bits then set aside. Tip: You can slice it thinly to make adobo flakes
  • In a pan, add in oil and cook the garlic. Tip: Don’t use a lot of cooking oil because the adobo can be oily. You can even use the adobo oil if you prefer.
  • Add in your pork adobo. Make sure you add in the sauce and oil as well.
  • Fry a little.
  • Add in your rice and stir.
  • Add in a little salt and pepper to taste. In my case I added a bunch of pepper corns because I love that with adobo.

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I honestly think that this recipe is not worth sharing…but I believe in using what you have and eating what you prepare. I would just like to emphasize the need for people to be more creative when eating/disposing food. I think that throwing food is totally uncool and all we need to prevent wasting food is an open and creative mind.

Yes to fried rice. Yes to cooking leftovers.


  1. Totally agree, I hate to see food wasted and reheated recipes are some of the yummiest. That looks good, it’s making me hungry…

    • Thanks Maddy! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this way. Also if you know some Filipinos you should ask them to cook adobo for you. 😀

      • Ah I will. I’m not very familiar with Filipino food but there is a Filipino grocery store near me. I might take a look in next time!

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