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Pick your friends


I suddenly remembered I have a Tumblr account. Here’s the deal though, I deleted the e-mail I use for it and I also forgot my password. The only thing I remember is my URL. 😐

I checked my site and scrolled and saw pretty normal stuff until I saw this…


This was written during the time “Friend 1” stopped talking to me all of a sudden and “Friend 2” decided to side with her. It was a pretty terrible time for me and it consumed almost three months of my life.

Reading that post again made me realize what kind of self-centered person I was since I only saw my side of the story and did not consider “Friend 1”. In my defense, it’s hard to fix friendships when you don’t even know why it broke in the first place. Until now I don’t know why we fought. I don’t find it awkward even if we work in the same team. We both just learned how to act professionally and set aside our differences.

With “Friend 2” however, we have been closer since that incident. I guess it’s because of overcoming something that we both thought might end our friendship.  A good honest talk and an open heart helped a lot.

This post reminded me that you can’t please everyone and not everyone are your real friends but every once in a while there are gems in the bunch. You just have to be forgiving and open. Also you must polish it a little. 😉

Just another lesson in life I’d like to share.

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This post is for day 17 of writing 101. I found this task quite difficult since I don’t usually use social media. True I might be active in Twitter but only because I use my account to troll Formula One teams. 😉


  1. I’m going through something very similar. A friend of mine has been seenzoning me for the longest time and though I think I know the reasons why, I still want to know straight from her. Being politely ignored is one of the worst things to feel.

  2. Oh Kat. There are really friends like that. I can relate. We really cannot please everybody. So let’s just be us and be happy. 😀

    • In the words of Dr. Seuss… “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Pero minsan masakit lang talaga 😉

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