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Music Mondays Challenge #5

music mondays

This week’s song is from my favorite singer of all time, Jason Mraz. Taken from his fifth album called Yes!, let’s listen to my favorite creepy stalker song.

I’m everything in everywhere
Can you see me in your own reflection?
I’m deep within the molecules of the air that you breathe in
And all the subatomic supersonic spaces in between
I’m everywhere, I’m reaching out in every direction
I believe I’m in the water too cause you act just like you need me
Mm, I’m everywhere

Seriously, those lines sound creepy but the song is so catchy it will make up for it. What I like about this song is its upbeat tempo. I think its the only song from the whole album that makes you want to stand up and dance a little.

I got an eye like a spy on a satellite checking you out
I’m like a fly with my infinite eyes
I can see with all my senses and I’m coming to get you
I’m invisible, expendable, and I’m your present

I call it a stalker song because I can just imagine Jason singing it to me looking real creepy telling me he is everywhere. Imagine someone singing this song to you. You’d have to admit, it’s a little freaky (but somehow adorably sweet). 😉

Do you have a song stuck in your head and want to share the whole world about it? If you do, this challenge is perfect for you! 

The rules are simple:

  • Create a post featuring music you want to share every Mondays
  • Share your favorite music with me by giving me a pingback
  • Or if you are feeling extra lazy, just comment below with your song choice…but don’t be lazy! 😛
  • Share everywhere by using the hashtag #MusicMondays and by following the tag Music Mondays on your readers
  • This is a week long event and I would love to see your music suggestions even if it’s not Monday!

Happy Monday!

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