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Music Mondays Challenge #6

I love Big Bang. VIP for life. ♕

Hi everyone and Happy Monday!! 🙂

If I haven’t mentioned before, today would be a good time to mention that I am a K-Pop fan.

With that settled, let me mention that last week was the 2015 Melon Music Awards. My feed was filled with K-Pop goodness and I would like to share with you my favorite band – Big Bang.

The thing I like most about Big Bang is their music type. It has a very RnB/Hip Hop feel to it and its the genre I like the most. Beyond their music, what I like most is their dedication to their craft. They have been in the Korean spotlight for almost ten years now. Their passion is undeniable.

I am such a fan that I even watched their documentary before debuting. You wouldn’t believe what they look like. Some of them have been training since they were young. While some really have to go through a rigorous training and auditions just so their agency will allow them to debut.


I think this kind of setup is very typical of Korean music acts. They really set the bar high and make sure that all their artists are in top condition and poised to conquer the world. For that reason, I really got hooked with it. Passion, pure and simple.

I hope you watched the video above. And I hope you had fun watching them perform. I promise, they are the best. 😉

music mondays

Do you have a song stuck in your head and want to share the whole world about it? If you do, this challenge is perfect for you! 

The rules are simple:

  • Create a post featuring music you want to share every Mondays
  • Share your favorite music with me by giving me a pingback
  • Or if you are feeling extra lazy, just comment below with your song choice…but don’t be lazy! 😛
  • Share everywhere by using the hashtag #MusicMondays and by following the tag Music Mondays on your readers
  • This is a week long event and I would love to see your music suggestions even if it’s not Monday!


  1. I love Big Bang too. Their stage presence cant be beaten! ❤️ They are very consistent when it comes to performing. 🙂

    • Yeey!!! They are the best! Especially live, talagang ibang klase yung stage presence and performance level. ❤️

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