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Recipe: Mango Ensalada

I’m not entirely sure if I can call this a recipe or if I can call this an ensalada but why not, right? I call this Mango Ensalada. Please bear with me but if you know something better to call it, do drop a comment!

Back to regular programming. We had some green mangoes lying around the house so my mom requested I make a simple side dish/ensalada using it.


What you’ll need:

Green mangoes
Shrimp paste

What you’ll do:

Slice the green mangoes, tomatoes and onion.
Layer it on top of each other, for presentation.
Add in a  tablespoon, or more, of shrimp paste.

Straightforward but surely a kick ass side dish! Alternatively, you can broil an egg plant and add it to the mix for an Eggplant Ensalada. This is a sure way to make everyone the rest of your meal.

ps. This is my favorite way of eating green mangoes. I super love it with shrimp paste!!! 😀


  1. This is my most favorite ensalada ever!!!!!!! It’s just perfect for everything. Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Grabe Ms Kat you never fail to make me crave hahaha great post kaka-miss!!! 😀

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