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Sambo Kojin Buffet Restaurant // SM Southmall

I’ve been delaying posting this one for quite a while now. I know I told you guys before that Mike and I enjoy eating at Sambo Kojin Buffet Restaurant and I just wasn’t doing that to gain weight. In fact, I’ve been eating there a lot so I can present to you guys the awesome food selection they have.

Now, I won’t act like a pro here. I may have eaten several times here but truth is, I can’t name most of the food they have. I mostly enjoy their beef and tempura but Mike has been persistently asking me to try more of what they have to offer and this post is a proof to that.

Without further ado, here is the result of my on going food project at Sambo Kojin Buffet Restaurant. 

Enjoy today’s visual food post!


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beef 2 5 6 7

Grilling like a boss!

* * * * *

For all you Filipino readers, now is the perfect time to try Sambo Kojin. They have an on-going promo for their 5th anniversary!


If you haven’t tried eating at Sambo Kojin, now is the perfect time to do so!

I just realized this looks like a sponsored post because of the last picture. It isn’t!! It just so happened that we ate there today and when I saw their promo I thought I’d do everyone a favor and share the good news to everyone. But if anyone from Sambo Kojin sees this and wants to pay me for it, I’ll accept it willingly. LOL


Monday to Friday LUNCH Special Price P 599 (REG. PRICE P 749)
Monday to Friday DINNER Special Price P 699 (REG. PRICE P 749 )
Saturday – Sunday and Holidays LUNCH & DINNER P 749 (REG. PRICE)


Monday to Friday LUNCH Promo Price P 599 (REG. PRICE P 749)
Monday to Friday DINNER P 749 (REG. PRICE)
Saturday – Sunday and Holidays LUNCH & DINNER P 749 (REG. PRICE)


  1. woah :O looks so good!
    i can’t wait when i head back to singapore for all the amazing korean buffets!
    thank you for sharing(: i’ll tell my filipino friends~

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