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Music Mondays #11

I woke up feeling a little nostalgic today. Weird as it may sound, this song by Colbie Caillat somehow popped into my mind. Let’s take a listen to this week’s feature music.

This song reminds me of the younger girl that I once was. The one that wanted this boy to like me completely. The girl that would do anything just to make this boy notice me.

The little things you do to me
Are taking me over; I wanna show you
Everything inside of me
Like a nervous heart that is crazy beating
My feet are stuck here against the pavement
I wanna break free; I wanna make it
Closer to your eyes, get your attention
Before you pass me by

I like Colbie’s style of music and how easy it is to listen to. You can just put your feet up and relax. And that’s exactly how I to start this week, feet up with easy music playing.

Have an awesome and steady Monday everyone!


Do you have a song stuck in your head and want to share the whole world about it? If you do, this challenge is perfect for you! 

The rules are simple:

  • Create a post featuring music you want to share every Mondays
  • Share your favorite music with me by giving me a pingback
  • Or if you are feeling extra lazy, just comment below with your song choice…but don’t be lazy! 😛
  • Share everywhere by using the hashtag #MusicMondays and by following the tag Music Mondays on your readers
  • This is a week long event and I would love to see your music suggestions even if it’s not Monday!


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