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An Interview About Faith

Q: Tell us about the role that faith plays in your life — or doesn’t.

A: My faith is my rock. I depend on it especially now that I am going through a rough time. -Pressy, 52

A: I just got out of confession. I’m “on the road to recovery.” I have been out of touch for a long time. My faith is the only thing I’m holding onto right now. Maybe you shouldn’t include this, but I just got out of prison. A lot has changed after 15 years. -Steve, 32

A: I don’t know!! Don’t tell my Dad but I have a lot of questions that he can’t answer. I don’t know what to believe in. I want to believe but I believe in Science. -Josh, 12

A: It’s everything to me and I’m trying to teach Josh here all it. He has a lot of questions that I can’t answer. Help me man! How can I explain to a twelve year old faith! -Mr. Johnson, 38

A: I’m Filipino, if you can’t tell. I was always brought up the Catholic way. My faith is very important to me. I’ve been through it all, the doubts, the questions, but I’m very happy I’m back where I belong. In Christ’s arms! But between you and me, I don’t believe in priests and think they are a  bunch of liars. -Marie, 26

A: My faith is what I live for. I’m very proud of it. I am a man of my faith but tell me why do I sometimes feel ashamed of it? -Chris, 23

A: I was once a Catholic. I am now a Christian. Do you know the difference between the two? You should drop by our worship sometime, I’d be glad to tell you more about it. -Mona, 29

A: I’m invisible. I don’t need all that faith stuff. -Kylie, 18

A: I think that’s a very profound question you’re asking. If I were to answer honestly, in today’s time, I think people don’t value faith too much or give it as much importance as they once gave it. No matter their religion, I think they only return to it once something bad happens. Seldom do you see a faith so strong it can move mountains. -Father John, 62

A: It’s like a good song you just can’t get out of your head. It’s always there. I guess you can say my faith is the background music to my life. -Kat, 30


  1. Thank you Kat for asking. Faith is why I am here starting my own blogg. I dreamed I met God and he let me know he was disappointed in me. “I have given you all these gifts and knowledge, I have promised my protection, why are you still afraid to speak?” I want to conquer my fear or at least face it. I want to share all the wonderful, beautiful things God has shown me in dreams, visions and life experiences. Though to be honest I must also find the courage to share the ugly and terrible. It is ironic that Father John mentions faith moving mountains because it is my hope that faith can stop a mountain from moving.

    • Wow! Please do continue blogging for this reason. May you find strength to pursue blogging! 🙂 May I know why would you hope that faith could stop a mountain from moving?

      • Eight and half years ago I had a dream that a great metropolis would be buried in a combination earthquake and landslide set off by a tremendous volcanic eruption. In the dream, millions were buried & crushed with no hope of rescue due to the danger of the volcano. If it were not that I have had other similar disaster dreams, I might not feel so haunted by it. But I have. My best guess when I had the dream was that it would take place ten and a half years later, that is two years from now. I have spent the last eight years praying to understand and learn if there is a way to change this fate. So far the answer has been, “This must happen because too many do not hear with their hearts. To change things, more people must be inspired to listen.”

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