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Have I ever?

Have I told you about the time my friends and I dissected a Balut egg?

I used to love eating Balut eggs. After all it was considered as a Philippine delicacy. But this one time, when me and my friends were hanging out, we bought some and ate it. I consumed everything. I love Balut….but they didn’t. So my science loving friends decided to dissect it.

IT WAS NASTY. Let me try to explain to you what I saw. There was a baby duck underneath all of it. There was a beak, wings and little legs. It was a duck that hasn’t completely grown yet. It was terrible I felt like crying after seeing it. It was gross and a bit inhumane.

Never again will I eat a Balut egg.


  1. They’re quite tasty from what I recall but it’s better to eat it without looking at it. Or thinking about it.

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