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A Place Called HOME

This month I’ll be participating in Blogging U’s Photography 101 class. Today’s topic is HOME. I used an existing photo for today and edited it. Here are the before and after photos. Let me know what you think in the comments below.







  1. Great editing on the second one. The lines are sharper so you can see the house.

    Batanes? Overall it really does look like home. Like a place you go to to protect yourself from the blustery wind.

  2. I love that you brought the shadows up so we could see the details in the foreground better. It looks like the highlights in the sky got a little burnt out though. I’m not sure if that’s from editing or the original exposure.

    What kind of camera did you use to get such a great landscape shot?

    • I used a Sony point and shoot for this one. I actually noticed that but I had no choice since I just used a phone editing app. Do you know any free software editing tools? Or maybe some website? ☺️

      • I think using the HDR setting when you take the picture might help. I have trouble getting my skies to look good on purpose.

        I use Picasa on my PC to do minor edits and then sometimes use Instagram or VSCO to do dramatic fun edits.

        I’m pretty casual about photography but very analytical so I’m trying to give clear feedback. I probably don’t do this any more often than you do ☺️

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