Music Mondays #25


I find it weird that on a week before my beloved Lolo left us, this song has been stuck on repeat.

Sia – Reaper

I don’t feel comfortable blogging…yet. I want to spread positivity, love, and inspiration on my blog and right now, it’s not happening normally. I ask for forgiveness for the mean time, everything won’t be as polished as I want it to be.

A little plus, Sia and James Carpool Karaoke! 


6 comments on “Music Mondays #25”

  1. I did not know Sia was out there. I rather enjoyed the modern dance aspect. It’s nice to see a young artists modeling themselves on Lady Gaga and trying the whole art thing as opposed just wigging it.

    I have to admit the concept reminded me of this old Star Trek episode that featured Frank Gorshen:

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