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Music Mondays #29

One of the perks of having a Premium Account in Spotify is the unlimited times I can skip and go through songs without those pesky ads. I was lucky enough to find the Spotify Sessions with Jason Mraz.

Today I’m sharing with you the song Lucky by Jason Mraz & Raining Jane. The spin is this version is the best version I’ve ever heard!

This song is a pretty old song (and I bet this versions is too) but there’s just something so soothing and just simply amazing with Jason’s voice. That’s just the reason why he is a personal favorite of mine.

Plus, this song had me thinking of how lucky I am to be in love with the man I have in my life. Last week I was being a total bitch, no thanks to hunger, and I’ve been giving him a hard time but man oh man was he patient and still so understanding. Ahhh, I am indeed a lucky girl.

Have an awesome Monday ahead guys!


Do you have a song stuck in your head and want to share the whole world about it? If you do, this challenge is perfect for you! 


  • Create a post featuring music you want to share every Mondays
  • Share your favorite music with me by giving me a pingback
  • Or if you are feeling extra lazy, just comment below with your song choice…but don’t be lazy! 😛
  • Share everywhere by using the hashtag #MusicMondays and by following the tag Music Mondays on your readers
  • This is a week long event and I would love to see your music suggestions even if it’s not Monday!


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