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I am addicted as can be
To this phone I bought with glee
Everywhere it goes with me
I won’t ever be free

Let me tell you about this laptop
I can’t ever live without
I work, I chat, I blog
It overtook my life

I wonder if I could go a day
Just being me
A pen, a notebook in tow
Forget all about technology

I don’t even want to try
My life depends on it
This is what has become of me
Apple just take my money


    • Hahhaa! Everything from them is so expensive! I also can’t afford their laptops

  1. Still mostly old school. Carry an actual notebook and pen in my purse to jot down ideas and a shopping list on a scrap of paper to the store. Starting a blog has been a huge learning curve:)

    • I also carry a pen and notebook everyday but sometimes a phone offers convenience. 🙂

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