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Things On My Mind #1

A penny for your thoughts?

  • The Marcos family. Ever since my trip to the Ilocos region, I have developed a great sense of admiration for their family. They have accomplished a lot. But it was the late Ferdinand Marcos who declared Martial Law.
  • Kindness. Forgiving but never forgetting.
  • Spoliarium. Juan Luna. Painting. Art.
  • Who won for vice-president? Will they be recounting?
  • Duterte kicking ass even before claiming “The Throne.” He’s on the cover of TIME magazine already. Filipinos are already being scared of him and what he plans to do with the country. I AM EXCITED. I voted for this guy. I want change!!
  • Primers and do they really clog pores? I bought one for PHP800+ I don’t want to think I wasted money.
  • Lastly, how much I want to just exfoliate right now. I walked around Manila today. It was hot and dirty.

Do you want to share something that’s been on your mind lately? Drop a comment & let’s talk about it.


    • Ooh moving out of your comfort zone? That’s scary! 😬 I don’t think I couldn’t do that, I’d be too scared


  1. Right now, all I’m thinking is food namely: pancakes, hamburgers, fries, cakes and a giant bowl of green salad with a ranch dressing please. And that freaking museum that I cannot get push out of my mind since I’ve read your post earlier today.

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