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Things on my Mind #2

  • How much I really want to create a post but I’m too tired to function. I’d rather just type on my phone, for now.
  • The city of pines and how different it feels staying at Camp John Hay. It feels like “old Baguio.”
  • The time I tried to jog and tripped. Update: my wound is still open? It isn’t healed completely and swimming didn’t help either.
  • Kindness kindness kindness! 
  • Money and how awful it is. I’m starting to think that if you have too much of it you’ll end up being an egotistical, rude and awful person. Please let this not be the case.
  • Just more kindness. Spread that around please.
  • Love! ♥️ And how the people you met in your life change you for the better.
  • Relationships and single people. Hopefully they meet/end up with someone who brings out the best in them. I’m lucky to have my boyfriend who does exactly this for me. He is a great person.
  • WordPress. I have met some of the most beautiful people here. I am thankful for being a part of thiscommunity!

What are you thinking of?


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