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Music Mondays

If you guys have been following my blog, you’d notice that I skipped last week’s Music Mondays.

When I started out this challenge, it was fun. I enjoyed searching new music online and maximizing my premium Spotify account. However, lately, everything’s been a drag. I just don’t have the motivation to look for new music.

Should I Stay and continue this challenge? Or just post songs when I have new music to share?



  1. I think you should post when you have music that you want to share. While having music Monday’s helps have a set schedule for content I think it’s best to post about the things that inspire and captivate your attention.

    • Lately, this challenge was proving to be a task instead of something that inspired creativity. Thank you! I feel like I’m making the right choice with your comment 😀

  2. Post only when you feel inspired. Though I enjoy your #MusicMondays every week. 🙂

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