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Things on my Mind: Kimye, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

Let’s take a break from my regular blogging activities and talk about Taylor and Tom! If you’ve been living under a rock, let me break it to you that Tom Hiddleston (aka Loki) is now dating recently single (2-weeks since they’ve announced it) Taylor Swift!


Girls, let’s not freak out! Let us be happy for Tom. I bet he just couldn’t resist being captivated by the ever alluring Taylor. Let’s also wish that their relationship lasts. I personally do not want to hear a song by Taylor about Tom. I quite fancy Tom, especially after making math sexy!

Let’s also not forget about Taylor! You girls shouldn’t start calling her names. Who could ever resist Tom and that vibe he has going on. I bet she just fell in love (again) and there’s nothing wrong with that. You girls better not be hypocrites calling her slut or whore just because her break up with Calvin was so recent. We don’t know the juicy details of that break up, so we can’t really judge. ALSO, I BET YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO MOVED ON TOO QUICKLY AFTER A BREAK-UP. 

Anyway, now that the news of the new relationship has been announced let’s throw KIMYE into the mix. Kim has a new interview with GQ where she calls Taylor out. People are speculating that (read here) this budding relationship was announced just to overshadow the fact that Taylor knew Kanye’s song Famous and actually approved it.


The horror. The drama. The theories. It’s so hard to keep up!

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That’s what’s been on my mind. To be honest, I couldn’t care less with who is dating who in Hollywood. I also don’t care about Kim. I think her prime is over and she’s just trying to stay relevant. All I’m saying is, this news just made my day. It’s a nice to laugh over trivial things especially after the week that we’re having.

I’m ending this post by encouraging you to pray for the world. May we spread love and kindness all around us. Let’s be humans. ♥


  1. Hay nako Taytay. Anyway, kung saan masaya si Taytay. Kaya lang I agree din dun sa publicity stunt na ginawa nyang yan =))

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