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Things On My Mind #4 : U P D A T E S

I hate Tuesdays. I just hate how it comes after Monday and how it just suddenly appears. I work night shifts so I don’t know if you know what I mean. It’s this feeling I get when I go to work on a Monday and then I go home on a Tuesday. I don’t know. I’m getting troubled by it today.

This morning I wanted to get my eye checked but the doctor wasn’t there yet. FAIL. I was was playing Dying Light the whole weekend and I was suddenly getting bad headaches. I thought it was just because I was staring at the television the whole day but I won’t take any chances so I’ll get my eye checked.

I’m also getting annoyed with myself again because I don’t know what to do with this blog. I want this to earn money for me, lol, but honestly I don’t even know where to start. The concept of moving domains just so ads from Nuffnang can appear on my sidebar is just TMI for me at the moment. BLAAAAH. *puking emoji* I don’t know I’m like hahaha I’m just so desperate to have a sideline or another source of income. The kind of work I actually enjoy and blogging makes me happy, so why can’t blogging give me money.

Speaking of blogging and bloggers, I was really trying my best not to write about it but there’s this blogger I adore. And when I mean I adore I go all out stalking her and reading all her posts and tweets (even if most of it annoys me now). 🙁 I wish I didn’t see her Twitter account and get to see who I think she is. I’m obviously wrong because I’m only judging her from what she posts online but let me just say it…I’m disappointed in her a little because she’s not handling her haters very well. With great fame comes haters. I don’t know how I would handle it if I were in her shoes. I just think she’s ruining the brand she made for herself by stooping to their levels. I don’t know.

Right now, writing is the only source of happiness for me. I will continue writing about everything and anything. I’m also sensing a cute little pattern for days when I don’t know what to write about but I want to write… Hello THINGS ON MY MIND.

Do you have anything positive and happy on your mind? Let me know, I’m obviously in dire need of it.




  1. With great fame comes haters. – Kat

    dapat gawan to ng….ano ba tawag don? yung quote tapos may background picture ha ha ha

  2. ha ha ha ha ha….pag sumikat na tayo LOL at kung kelan yun….universe lang nakakaalam haha

  3. Hi Kat, Just replying to your comment about making money from your blog. Looks like your blog is a life-style blog, have a look at which is a successful life-style blog, she writes about all sorts of things, and has lots of tips about blogging. I just had a look at your photos of Philippines they are very good.



    • Hi Deb! Thank you for this comment! I spent a lot of time at the website and I found new inspiration/ideas on what I want this space to end up like. Redirecting me to that site cheered me up, again many thanks! 😀

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