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One of the hallways of the National Museum in the Philippines

Last May 2016, The National Museum in the Philippines waived their entrance fees to encourage more people to visit them. I expected nothing when I went but I was captivated by all the beautiful artworks that were there. I am working on a post (don’t worry) to feature it. Hopefully it’ll be up soon, but for now, here’s a snippet.


  1. I’ve been wanting to visit this as well. When I heard that they’ve waived the entrance fees, I hesitated to visit because of what could be long queues. similar to what happens whenever the Ayala Museum periodically opens their doors for free. I hope the National Museum ain’t as crowded by now.

    But what I really wanted to visit the most is the Malacañang Museum.

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    • We went there early so no lines for us. I suggest you do the same if you go! And thanks for the tip, hindi ko alam na may museum ang Malacanang!


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