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Music Mondays #42

This month’s Music Mondays will feature a theme. This month’s theme is music you don’t really need to know or understand or like the lyrics but you like the beat so you listen to it. I think music nowadays fit into this category so much so let’s enjoy it!

First song this month is Major Lazer featuring JB and MO called Cold Water.

This song’s lyrics/meaning isn’t too bad but the first few lines go like this:

Everybody gets high sometimes, you know
What else can we do when we’re feeling low?
So take a deep breath and let it go
You shouldn’t be drowning on your own

Nope, drugs aren’t cool. It’s not okay to get high and you shouldn’t use drugs to cover or mask your feelings or your problems. Talking with people and dealing with it head on might not be the solutions problematic people might like to hear but I believe that those are the best options.

Do you have songs that fit this month’s theme? I’d love to hear/know about it!



  1. I love Cold Water! It’s one of my favourites! I like the song Candy by Dilon Francis but I have no clue what it means, it’s basically a bunch of nonsense but it’s so catchy!

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