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Music Mondays #46

If you’ve been an avid reader on my blog or participant in Music Mondays, you’d know that I’m a big KPop fan. Just last August, one of my favorite KPop personalities finally released her first US single.

Her name is CL and here is her song titled, Lifted.

To be honest, this song doesn’t suit my style. It’s about drugs and getting high lifted. I just don’t understand why you’d want to sing about this kind of lifestyle knowing that drugs can kill and ruin lives. On the other hand, if you’ll listen to this song a couple of times and don’t think of the lyrics too much, you’d actually like it. It’s a feel good song that’s really perfect for the summer.

I know she’s trying to break out into the US market, but her Korean songs and vibe were just way better. I’m hoping her next single or her whole album will showcase her in a different light.

ps. I just found out that this song was a inspired my Wu Tang Clan’s Method Man. Here is CL’s interview about this song. I love how creative and how she twisted this song to make it her own but I still don’t like that it’s about drugs.

What do you guys think of this song? To all my American/Western readers, I’d love to read what you have to say! Comment down below.

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