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Shop Globally with Uskoop

If there’s one thing I have learned while trying to become a minimalist, it is that minimalism isn’t a fad you just try. It is a lifestyle you have to commit to every single day. One of the biggest benefits I have been experiencing is the way I look at material things now. In the past, I look at it as something that complete and give meaning to my life. Now, I look at it as something that just adds color to my life.

I have to be honest though, one of the biggest problems I encounter regularly in my quest to become a minimalist is shopping. I have always used it to relieve stress. Quick trips to the mall end up as unplanned shopping sprees with two to three bags of unwanted and unneeded things. I have been living this kind of cycle for most of my life! Thankfully I am making progress and I have drastically improved attitude towards shopping and material things in general.

Nowadays, whenever I feel the urge to relieve my stress, ahem go shopping, I go online and window shop until my eyeballs drop. I usually do this on US websites. Doing so helps me with my minimalism goals by discouraging me from buying. The hassle of converting currencies and worrying about shipping is a major turn-off. Plus imagine the taxes you have to pay if you push through with a purchase! Did I already say that everything was in dollars? The fact that the items I am looking at are 40 times a peso just freaks me out and makes me a lot more cautious about what I put in my cart.

It’s a bit un/fortunate for me that I have found out about Uskoop. Uskoop is an online shopping  portal that allows users to “tell them what to buy” instead of “what we want to sell you.” All these can be done in three easy steps – (1) search for products you want to buy from Top Global Merchants on the world wide web, (2) copy url of the item you want to buy and paste it at Uskoop site and (3) checkout to have the product delivered to your home at a single fixed price without any other charges.

I spent a day trying out this service and look at all the goodies I wish/want/will sell an organ for if given the chance.


Rebecca Minkoff Avery Crossbody

This bag has long been in my want list! Compact but still trendy, this bag can carry all my everyday essentials easily.


Daniel Wellington Classic St. Mawes

I always want minimalist/simple accessories, same goes with watches! This classy Daniel Wellington watch is definitely a must have. Retail price of this in Zalora Philippines is at 7,700 but if you buy this using Uskoop you’d only have to pay for 5,347.  That’s 2,353 savings!

uskoop3-7Adidas Stan Smith – Collegiate Navy

I’ve been eyeing this navy pair of Stan Smith’s for the a while now. It’s so hard to get it in my size locally


Mark Bowden – Killing Pablo

After watching Narcos, I just have to read a biography of Pablo Escobar. Unfortunately, there are no available books about him locally.


Mark Bowden – Black Hawk Down

I’m a reader, obviously! After watching the movie Black Hawk Down again, I want to know how much of the movie is real and inspired by actual events.


If I ever push through with any of these purchases, I will have no worries using Uskoop. Why? Because Uskoop is a one-stop shopping-and-shipping service on one site! You won’t be shocked with what you have to pay since prices are all-inclusive and they will take care of shipping, customs and taxes with insurance! Deliveries are sent straight to your doorstep via air in 10-15 days. You don’t have to worry about your credit card being accepted. There’s absolutely no need to pay US Sales Tax or your own US address. They have single checkout from their partner merchants with multiple payment options. And lastly, they take care of everything! All you have to do is tell them what you want and they will handle everything from buying to shipping to your address to customer service and post-sale support! How cool and convenient is that?

To get you more excited about Uskoop, you can use the promo code USKOOPTEN% to get a discount worth 10% off on shipping & handling!

These five items are definitely in my WANT list. I won’t be getting any of it anytime soon but I sure had fun checking out Uskoop’s service!  You can visit their website and follow them on Instagram and on Facebook.


  1. The next thing I know, I had a go at online window shopping on me own because of this. I checked the price of this tarot deck, that football jersey, this book, and that toy. It is therapeutic indeed, added to the fact that I can easily pay for the stuff. Whew.

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