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2017 Blog Goals!

Hello, guys! If you’ve read my last post, you’d know that bad stuff happened and I’m currently trying to turn it around. With that, I’m setting myself up with some blog goals! I’ll be listing down my goals for the upcoming year and hopefully, this post will hold me accountable for it!

  1. Finish all of my pending work before the bad stuff happened.
    1. Finish my “Why I Blog?” post. Hopefully, it’ll be up by January and post a yearly version of it!
    2. Post/schedule all of my remaining beauty posts! I am no beauty guru, but everyone has their own version and I’d thought it would be a great creative challenge for me to shoot and write about it.
    3. Post process (use VSCO) all of my photos and create themed posts about it.
  2. I am challenging myself to Postaday 2017. It’ll be easy, I hope. I just need to work hard during the holidays to stock up on some posts and just schedule it.
  3. Have 1,000 followers by the end of 2017. I’m not a numbers/stats kind of girl but, hey, nothing wrong with trying. Right?
  4. Revamp my Music Mondays challenge!
  5. EARN THROUGH BLOGGING.Even just a little.
  6. Share useful posts about my personal passions: minimalism and positivity. 
  7. Create meaningful friendships with my online friends.
  8. Have the courage to show my face/post a picture. Make this blog a little less anonymous.
  9. Write/submit articles to Thought Catalog and other blogs.
  10. Create a new challenge/activity where there will be more interaction between me and my blog readers.

Those are my current goals as of December 2016. This will be a live post meaning I will edit it throughout the year to make way for new challenges and goals!

Do you have blog goals of your own? I’d love to compare notes!

August 10 Update

I’ve realized that I’ve completely forgotten about this list. T_T I’ll try my best to get back on track and get more stuff done. 🙂


    • wahahahaha magpaphotoshoot muna ako. di ko talaga keri pa parang gusto ko muna anonymous ‘tong blog ko, pero sana sa 2017!! 🙂

      • Thank you! Sana sipagin na ‘ko mag post bilang may domain na ‘ko hehe. Speaking of which, maybe you can create a post one day about what keeps you motivated to blog? 😀

        • post lang ng post! ako nga postaday 2017 ang gusto 😛 thank you sa suggestion, i’ll post one soon! 🙂

  1. Kinilig ako dun sa number 7. Hehe Go girl!! I’ll be just right here cheering for you to achieve these goals. ^^ Sana ako din makapagput up ng ganitong mga goals.

    • Hihihi alam mo yan girl. 🙂 kaya mo yan, sabi nga ng nike, just do it hahahaha korni ko. 🙁

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