Too Cool for School’s ArtClass by Rodin Shader

I bought this Too Cool For School ArtClass by Rodin Shader to try my hand at contouring.

The packaging alone deserves five stars. The amount of craft and detail that went into it is pure art.

I will admit, I have no idea how to contour but this product makes it super easy and beginner friendly.

From Too Cool for School website

The product is very close to skin color making it very ideal for subtle contouring. If you want a more visible or pronounced kind, don’t worry because you can layer it. As a beginner, I loved that it was like this especially because I know I’ll make errors while trying contouring!


My attempt at a swatch, lol


As a whole, this product is perfect for beginners like me especially since I get three shades of brown to play with. It’s not intimidating to use and you’ll really feel like an artist! I highly recommend this product whether you are a pro or a beginner like me.

Have you tried other contouring products? Which are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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