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11 Unfair Things

I have to be honest. Today I ran out of material. I got busy with work too.

Here are 11 things my boyfriend thinks are unfair.

1- The gap between rich and poor people <money wise>

2- How during good times time goes by quickly while during the bad times time is so slow

3 – Your boss works less but gets higher pay

4 – Your friends stuffs her/his mouth but never gets fat. You eat a slice of cake and you gain 2kg

5 – You pay taxes <high> and politicians just use them to buy mansions <for his/her lover>

6 – Girls can have multiple orgasms in a single session

7 – Video games: when you need one last material for something, the game rarely gives it to you <search: desire sensor>

8 – Boys are never correct when they argue with girls

9 – Bottled water is expensive and yet water is supposed to be free <they just source it from the tap :D>

10 – The person who cheated on you on the exam gets a higher mark than you!

11 – Life in a third world country is unfair in general



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