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Music Mondays – 2NE1

This is my favorite girl group ever.

Unfortunately, they have disbanded. I could give you the nitty gritty details and rumors but I am opting not to. I am choosing to remember the good times and their good music instead of pondering on other things.

They are truly a cut above the rest. It is sad that I could no longer see them together and perform.

This is their goodbye song.

I don’t like goodbyes. I prefer see you laters.


  1. I’m not a BlackJack, but this has got to be one of the best 2NE1 songs ever. Really loving the guitar plucks, plus the MV in black and white is a real 2NE1 tribute.

    And the lyrics — you can tell that it’s very personal. Fans can relate!!!

    • I loved the sound of the song, especially the guitar. It makes it more heartfelt. It makes me want to cry huhuhu.

      The lyrics are not for the fans, I feel. I think it’s for that bitch who left lol. Sobrang affected 😀

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