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Music Mondays – La La Land

Have you guys watched the movie La La Land? I think you have. It was shown in cinemas I think a month ago. Honestly, I didn’t like it that much. I just didn’t connect with the movie.

Despite saying that, I still love the movie. I love that it’s a bittersweet reminder to find your dream, chase it, and never settle for your comfort zone. Also it reminds us of the harsh reality that sometimes the people who we share or create our dreams with aren’t the ones who will be with us once it comes true.

How painful.


  1. I feel the same way as you — i didn’t like it as much as i thought i would. I guess i expected so much because of all the hype, or i’m just really not a fan of musicals or films that look vintage (that CinemaScope color). But the story as a whole was something that made me think about the realities of life and love. The ending kinda hurt me because i can relate to it in some way. *insert sob love story here* LOL

    Anyway, what to do you think of the ending? My interpretation was that Emma did not look back because she still wants to be with Ryan; she looked back to let him know that, (1) she’s now happy, and (2) she hopes he’s happy, too. And Ryan smiling back to her was an assurance that he’s letting her be happy and in time, he’ll be okay as well. Whereas, my friends think that there was regret in Emma’s eyes and that she wishes to get back together with Ryan, hence the look back. Do we just see what we want to see? Haha. Love to hear your take on this! ^_^

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    • Heeey we should be friends!!! My thoughts exactly! I’m not into vintage musical type feels. I can stand musicals but the vintage feel kinda threw me off too!!
      I agree with your interpretation of the ending. That look back wasn’t one that was filled with regrets. It was more of acknowledgment of their past and their presents. I think your friends are girls cause most girls would want to prefer cheesy ending/interpretations. Haha I think I just sounded sexist there. Lol. What I meant was sometimes us girls just want our happy endings and happy ever afters. Nothing wrong with that but the story would mean so much more if that look back wasn’t filled with regrets. Right????
      But honestly, the better question is, what’s your sob love story??? 😁😁😁


      • Yassss apir! Pak! 😀

        LOL the sob love story was soooo long ago! Maybe if we’ll have coffee one day, we can exchange those kinds of stories haha 😀


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