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What’s in my bag?

I had a free day today (ahem, called in sick at work, ahem, but I’m really sick…of work) and I thought I’d use it to create this post. It took me a whole day to conceptualize, shoot, and edit.The editing is done poorly, especially on the graphics, lol. But hey, I’ll never learn and I’ll never get better if I don’t try.

Here’s what’s in my bag.


(1) laptop (2) laptop charger (3) earphones (4) phone charger (5) Klean Kanteen (6) pouch of life (7) cable lock (8) LAN (9) wallet (10) iPod (11) pepper spray and panic alarm (12) keys of life (13) coin purse (14) pen of life (15) comb of life (16) Leef (17) wireless (18) glasses


(1) Rosary #blessed (2) Vitress (3) hand cream (4) alcohol of life (5) medicines for a better life (6) The Body Shop Powder Foundation (7) tissue of life

These are what’s usually in my daily office bag. Unfortunately, I have to bring my laptop everywhere along with all its accessories. Good thing my Herschel bag offers comfort and tons of space for everything I carry.

Your turn, what’s in your bag?






  1. It depends on what bag I am looking in – my work bag, my shopping bag, or the one I take to go out visiting the city 🙂

  2. My office bag is a really tiny back-pack and contains the bare essentials. I carry my lunch box, some fruit as snack, keys, earphones, Vaseline and wallet.

    • Totoo.. sobrang onti na nga lang nung personal things. Bawas na bawas na yan!! T_T

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