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Visual Diary: Caramoan Islands, Camarines Sur, Philippines

Caramoan is a municipality located in Camarines Sur, Bicol Region, Philippines. Its claim to fame is being home to numerous Survivor shows, white beaches, and amazing locals. Life blessed me with an opportunity to visit this lovely town and explore what they have to offer.

We decided to join a three-day, two-nights tour from Zero Two Travel for this trip. I highly recommend you to do the same because 1) Caramoan is roughly a twelve-hour drive from Manila 2) if you’re like me and you’re a little shy to talk to the locals, etc, tours are a blessing and 3) Zero Two Travel really took care of everything from lodging to tours and food.

Anyway, enough chit-chat and let’s get right to it. Take a look in my visual diary as to why Caramoan should be your next island destination.


This is the starting point to everything.


Island #38748934671293 lost count lol


It was raining when we visited island #948034103948. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying. Look at me and my floater.


Rain was turning pretty bad but still look at that view!


Good thing next day, the sun was out!!


Look at how clear the water is.


We climbed a hill on island #9057384539 and got this view.


This too.


This view makes me want to cry.


We had lunch at Cutivas beach. WHITE SAND EVERYWHERE.


Ok, look at that water.


This picture makes me want to cry, again. T_T


Look at what we found!


Ate, selling fresh caught fish from the sea.


Island #098568475467254. It was honestly more like a sand bar, a very very very wide sand bar.


When we got to this sand bar/island it was still low tide.


Which gave me the opportunity to take this shot. Do any of you know why the sand looks like this?


Taken from the sand bar/island#458374528934039


HUHUHU. I wanted to make sand angels.


I honestly don’t know if I should call it a sand bar or an island.


Whatever it was, it was amazing. A perfect place to get amazing shots and sun bathe.


A couple of minutes after we arrived, the water started to rise.


Low tide became high tide and we had to move to another island.


But just look at that view.

I know I didn’t tell you much about this trip but honestly, the pictures did the talking. No amount of words will ever be enough or will ever describe what I saw. Caramoan, alongside its beautiful islands and friendly locals, is indescribable and truly memorable. I highly recommend you to visit this place and experience to see for your own eyes the beauty it has to offer. I mean, if my pictures haven’t convinced you, I don’t know what will.


  1. oy Kat wag daw maligo sa dagat pag umuulan in case may lightning, mas malaki daw ang possibility na tamaan ka sa tubig ha ha

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