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Visual Diary: Caramoan Side Trip

As I told you in my Visual Diary for Caramoan, we joined a tour for our trip. There were also a few sites that were included as a side trip. The places were pretty forgettable, to be honest, but you can be the judge for that.

caramoan sidetrip1

Old church in the town proper

caramoan sidetrip2

Cute bricks

caramoan sidetrip3

We were taken to this place where you can climb a hill to see Caramoan province/islands

caramoan sidetrip4

The view is amazing…

caramoan sidetrip5

but the climb was awful.

caramoan sidetrip6

We were also taken to a deer farm!

caramoan sidetrip7

I honestly didn’t know that there were deers in the Philippines

caramoan sidetrip8

They were so cute

caramoan sidetrip9


This post officially ends my Caramoan Tour Visual Diary. The whole trip was amazing! I loved the place, the food and the locals. I highly suggest you go there. Would I suggest to take a tour, yes, if you want comfort and no, if you want an adventure. I hope you had fun breezing through my visual diary. Until next time!


  1. That old church. 😮 I love history and one of my fave things is old architecture. It’s what makes it feel the most tangible for me if that makes any sense. haha I thought the other pics where nice too though. 🙂

    • You should definitely come here to the Philippines if that’s your thing! We have tons of old churches with amazing architecture! <3

  2. Yeah, there are deers in the Phils. I only learned that when I went to the Safari Zoo in Subic and the label on the deer area said “Philippine Deer”. Caramoan is definitely on my list and will include to drop by this farm.

    • Oh wow. The caretaker from the farm said that the deers (their meat) are mostly for export.

  3. Sheridan Johnson says

    Beautiful photos, love that old church and sky in the background. Stunning!

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