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Music Mondays – Paramore

Paramore is back! They are back with a different beat but with the same look and I love it.

The music style of this song is very much different from what Paramore started out with. As much as I love their old sound, I love the new sound more. I think that if they stuck to the past, they wouldn’t grow and sell (especially with the type of music we have now). They have definitely adjusted with the times and I’m cool with that.

Also, the lyrics were superb. The lyrics were so sad but the beat was so catchy. <3

What did you think of Paramore’s new song? Was it a hit or a miss?


  1. I completely agree with you. I can’t get enough of Hard Times. It’s a total hit. 🙂

  2. Definitely a hit! Did you notice how happy Zac seemed to be being back in the band? I hope they can finally rise from the wreckage that was created by all the drama.

    • I hope so too. Can’t wait for the new album and see what other songs they have

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