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Beauty roundup review

I’m pretty much what you call a Korean beauty enthusiast. I love trying new products and recommending all my finds to my friends and family. My favorite to try, however, is skincare. Good skin will always be in!

I have here a decent amount of skincare that I’d like to talk about. I have been using these products for quite a while so I can say I have a good feeling about it already. I bought all these products at Althea website.

IMG_8958Considered as a cult favorite, I bought this product even if I had no clue what exactly it was. Some say it’s a toner, some say it’s a cleansing water, while some say, it’s an all-around product.


The picture above shows if it’s used as a cleansing water. It is effective, however, I wouldn’t use it as a cleansing water because of its price. It’s just too expensive to be used as a cleansing water!

I use this as a toner. I apply it generously to my face and neck after I cleanse my face. I love the smell and how light it is compared to my previous toner (I use the Etude House Wonder Pore before). Overall, however, I’m not amazed or surprised by this product. A bit pricey for what it claims to be. I’m honestly better off with my Wonder Pore.


I bought this to compliment my Beauty Water BUT I honestly do not know what it is for! I think it’s supposed to be used before applying makeup which will make your skin smoother. Also, it claims to help reduce the size of your pores.

However, I used this as a moisturizer. If used alone, I definitely wasn’t satisfied with it. It felt too light and as if something was missing. I did love using it during summer especially since it gives off this cooling sensation. Sorry, but I wouldn’t recommend buying this…whatever this is.


If you’ve read my 10 step Korean skincare post, you’d know that I didn’t have a sunblock before. I eventually bought the Natural Republic Provence Calendula Sunblock but after a while, I knew it wasn’t the one for me which made me buy this baby. I DO NOT REGRET IT.


I love using this product because 1) it doesn’t give me that oily look and 2) I just love how good my skin looks after using it. After application, my skin tone becomes even and it somehow looks like I applied BB cream on. On some days, I just top it off with powder and I’m good to go! Which means I highly recommend this product!


This one has been on the market for quite a while. This is a product that a lot of people would recommend to you if you’re looking for something to use to exfoliate. It’s just that good.


The black sugar itself is a little rough so make sure to add water if you don’t like that feeling. I personally don’t use this often not because it’s not good but rather I’m just scared it might be causing my skin some scarring due to its roughness. I don’t mind the sensation but I can’t be too sure about what it might do to my skin, better safe than sorry. 😛


I am in love with my Pond’s cleanser but I am slowly developing a deep affection for this cleanser it just might dethrone my all time Pond’s favorite.


It says that it’s a morning cleanser but I’m a rule breaker and I use it day and night. It feels light enough on my skin and it leaves my skin feeling supple and moisturized after every use. At first, I thought it smelled like a lemon-flavored cleaner (think lemon Zonrox, for all you Pinoys) but it eventually grows on you.

Overall, I love this cleanser. I highly recommend this product. 

And there you have it folks, my recent roundup of beauty reviews. I know some of these products have been on the market for quite some time, and quite honestly, you probably might not need this review but I just wanted to tell you my perspective because, hey, what’s another one, right? I hope you find it helpful or amusing somehow. Until the next time, bye!

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  1. I use the Black Sugar Scrub too. I use it very lightly and gently on my face (which is usually how I use scrubs) to avoid any scarring. 😛

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