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K-Mini-Reviews: Drinking Solo / Cunning Single Lady

I know for a fact, ’cause I analyze my stats, that my Korean series reviews aren’t a big hit on my blog. That’s not going to stop me from writing them though, lol.

Cunning Single Lady

cunning single lady

I’ve watched this series a couple of years ago but I rewatched it because of my mom. I really enjoy watching this kind of series, rom-com, because they’re just so easy to watch. It’s perfectly light and fun.

As a person who is about to get married, I enjoyed watching this again because it really tackles what relationships are and what it should ideally have. The story focuses on a divorced couple who meet again after three years. There are a lot of stories and issues that weren’t brought to light during their marriage that has caused the split in their marriage. They slowly and painfully go through it all just to realize that they still love each other.

It’s a typical Korean rom-com story, I know, but it definitely has a deeper lesson to share and that is that in every relationship communication is important. 

Drinking Solo

drinking solo

I watched this series because of a clip I saw on kdramafeed‘s Instagram. Based on the clip, I thought it was going to be a fun watch but I was wrong.

This series just sucked for me, lol. The only reason why I continued to watch it was because it was a rom-com and I’m a complete sucker for those. Most of the scenes were predictable and I just disliked the character of the leading lady. I wouldn’t rate this very highly nor would I continue with writing a review for it. It’s just an empty drama – easy on the eyes but nothing to show for inside – for me. I guess by now you get the drift that you can totally skip watching this show, lol.

Are there any good Korean series or films you’ve watched lately? I’d love to watch quality ones! Just comment down below, I’m all up for some recommendations!


  1. For me, I liked Drinking Solo. Hihi but also didn’t like the female lead character~ Hmm I recommend Plus Nine Boys, Age of Youth and Gogh, The Starry Night! They’re short dramas, btw ^^

    • I liked how drinking solo was easy to watch but it just seemed lacking for me. I just googled it and seems like age of youth would be the next watch! thank you <3

  2. u seem like the perfect person to ask for a recommendation then 😉 any suggestions? i’m about to finish strong woman do bong soon, and need a new one to binge watch 😛

  3. Ahh, I am always happy to meet a kdrama-fan and I love reading reviews. I haven’t watched either of these dramas, but I appreciated your reviews nonetheless. Now I really know that crossing Drinking Solo off my to-watch list was a good idea lol

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