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Who I Follow!

Odee, a friend, and fellow blogger asked me about my blogroll. Honestly, my blogroll is a mess! That’s because I follow about 600 blogs. I have this personal rule of following everyone who follows me. It’s a silly rule, I know, and it clutters my reader all the time BUT I still do it because doing so gives me a wide range of blogs to read and appreciate.

I have chosen a few personal favorites from my blogroll to share with you today. Somehow, I was able to limit my selection to my top ten favorite blogs to read and get inspiration from. Here they are!

Louise Ramos – Caffeine Rush

I love this girl because of her art. If you go visit her website, you’ll be amazed by her graphics and the amount of creativity that she pours out into her every content. It is amazing and inspiring.

Read: Art Lately: April

Teesh – Adventures of Cupcake Girl

This girl actually works for the same company that I do! I haven’t officially introduced myself to her though, somehow that thought kinda freaks me out! I love reading her blog because it’s like reading a friend’s blog without having the need to actually meet.

Read: Skin Care || BeautyMNL + Althea.KR

Angelica – Punjetry

I’ve known Unje for quite a while know. I love her blog because it’s mainly personal. I honestly feel like a chismosa because all I want to do is read about other people’s personal lives.

Read: My First Legit Valentine’s

Aysa – Aysabaw

I got to know Aysa the same time as Unje. We have grown so much because she doesn’t post her pictures before, but now she does! 😛 I love her blog because of the variety it offers. It gives me a glimpse of her personal life and at the same time some not so personal ones – poetry, thoughts, etc. A wonderful combination.

Read: Persistence

Alana – Living Out Loud

Alana has been with me through it all! We haven’t really seen each other (because we live so many miles apart) but she has read about almost every high and low I’ve ever had in my life because of my blog. Her blog is such an inspiration for me because she is trying to transform her life for the better and having a blog like that in my reader inspires me to do the same! The competitiveness inside of me is actually triggered sometimes because she’s so consistent while here I am, giving excuses left and right.

Read: Please Don’t Quit Before You Even Begin

Kally – Middle Me

Kally is amazing. She runs this career-related blog and reading her articles really inspire me to do better at work. She also has this segment on her blog where she gives advice and I remember that it really helped me during the hard times I was experiencing at my previous project.

Read: Comparing, Belittling and Competing

Leo Babauta – Zen Habits

I want to be a minimalist but reading about Leo’s story and articles are something else. He doesn’t only inspire me to become a minimalist but also to become a person who focuses on the important things in life.

Read: Finding Beauty in Every Freakin’ Moment, No Matter What

Annie – The Lee Day

I like browsing through Annie’s blog because of her aesthetic. I don’t usually fall for that but her style is what I aim to be. Also, she’s Korean and I like that. 😛

Read: 2017/What’s in my bag?

Chasing Potatoes

I’m sorry I didn’t get your real name. T_T

Don’t let that phase you, however, because her travel is goals. I am a huge believer that you should travel and love your own country first. She is the living epitome of that. She’s so blessed because she lives in Visayas – which I believe is the gateway for everything here in the Philippines – and she gets to explore those places I’ve only ever dreamed about.

Read: 37 Photos That Probably Would Make You Book and Go Now to Coal Mountain Resort

Tricia Gosingtian – Tricia Will Go Places

Saving the best for last. Tricia will always be goals for me! She is the main reason why I got into blogging. She is also the reason why I recently cut my hair to have bangs again, huhu. She is just everything I want to be.

She is my favorite famous blogger because even if she’s rich, she somehow makes me feel like I can just be like her. She’s very down to earth and appreciative of the people who has helped her become who she is now. I love that about her. I can’t even compare her to all the other famous bloggers out there because I feel like she’s the only one out there who does things not just for the money.

WHAT? I do understand that a lot of other bloggers out there do it for the money (and turn blogging into their work/career) but for me, she’s the only out there who makes sure her content matches who she really is. You won’t see her advertising something she doesn’t believe in. That’s what I really love about her.

Read: My Wedding Reception Dress + Tricia’s father, Josiah Go’s message for Tricia’s husband, RG (a real tearjerker)

I know that this list doesn’t consist of a lot of bloggers on WordPress. I’ll try to list down a more WordPress-centric one in the future. 😀 Also some of the recommended reads in this post are personal, I just love personal/lifestyle bloggers.

Who are your favorite bloggers to follow? I’d love to know! Comment down below. 😀


  1. I enjoy reading you!
    I don’t follow all who follow me because the content may be something I am not interested in but yes, most who follow me, I follow them!

    • Thank you, that means a lot. Most of the time I do wonder if my posts are being read. It’s actually a pain to follow everyone, especially those whose niche don’t align with yours but it’s also interesting to read various perspectives etc. It also gives me ideas for future posts.

  2. Hello Kat!
    I love your blog and you are one of my favorite writers. Thank you for featuring me here. I am honored. You also inspire me and have been so encouraging through many of my highs and lows.

    <3 Alana

    • Thanks for supporting me and my blogging too! ❤️ wish you all the best

  3. WAAHAHAHA aba at naisali pa ako dito…I also love reading your posts Kat esp the Coffee Time. I feel like talking to a friend habang nagkakape talaga 🙂
    Ayan nagpopost na ako ng litrato paunti-unti, sana ikaw din hiihihihi (ay meron ka na palang kaunti)

    • Also, agree on what you said re: Caffeine Rush and Zen Habits. Been a Zen Habits reader for years and Leo is really an inspirational writer. 🙂

      • Super idol ko talaga yan si Leo. Super inspirational.

        Ps. Super proud of you for clicking all the links! Haha. Which one is your favorite? Gusto ko din malaman sino mga finofollow mo!

  4. Thank you for featuring me and MiddleMe. Means the world to me that you find my posts inspiring!! Your words just made my week, heck, scratch that! Your words made my month!!

  5. Same with Aysa, I also enjoy and love reading your posts. ♥ Anyway,ok lang, mas gusto ko pa ang name na Chasing Potatoes eh. HAHAHA!!! Thanks a lot KAt for including me in your lists. This means a lot. Thank you….

  6. Aww thank you, Kat! And I get what you mean about being friends without meeting although I hope one day i-ping mo ko sa work! Hahahahaha

    • Hahaha. Pag lumakas loob ko, pero I swear, we are closer than you think. Pareho tayong nasa cloud and UT3, although di pa kita nakikita ever. Nahihiya lang talaga ako hahaha

      • (hindi mo ko nakikita kasi every time pumapasok ako kailangan ko magpa reactivate ng id hahahahahahahaha)

        • OMG hahahaha parang ako pero sobrang hassle kaya pumapasok ako once a week. Quota na yun 😛

          • Hahahaha! Pumapasok lang ako pag deployment to PROD, kailangan umattend ng meeting, or pag kailangan na talaga magupdate ng laptop. =))

  7. I appreciate this Kat! <3 sorry now lang nakabalig sa blogosphere 🙂 I enjoy reading yours as well, I mean (enjoy it more) than my own. Hahaha! Thank you so much for this and I'll continue posting about anything because of you! I want to write again (but busy) hehehe take care :*

    • I miss reading your posts too. Ano na nangyari sayo teh! When you’re ready, I’ll be reading your posts. In the meantime have fun in the real world 🙂

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