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Music Mondays: K-Daebak

I’ve been listening to K-Pop for a good five years now. I’ve always like K-Pop because of a couple of things. First, because I don’t understand a single thing they say. Second, they have the catchiest beats and lines. And lastly, their videos are works of art.

In Korea, they have three major music companies – YG, SM, and JYP. My favorite among the three is YG Entertainment. I like their music because it’s more hip-hop/RNB than pop. It’s my cup of tea! One of the things that made me fall in love with YG is the fact that their singers are really good! During concerts or live performances, they rarely lipsync. I love it. Their performances are on another level. Which is why this playlist has seven YG songs.



If I have to be honest though, my K-Daebak playlist would only include YG but that would be unfair because there’s also tons of great Korean artists out there. Sistar19’s Ma Boy was a big hit when I first started listening to K-Pop and both Bora and Hyorin are so beautiful you have to watch the video.


Okay, maybe I should stop gushing about K-Pop. If you aren’t familiar with K-Pop or wondering why the heck are these Koreans so famous, I invite you to listen to my playlist. Of course, these are my personal favorites and it might not fit your taste buds but I hope if you listen with open ears, it would give you a preview of what K-Pop really is.


    • I’d like to but I’m saving money and for sure his concert’s going to cost an arm, a leg, and a kidney! Hahaha. I tried listening to them before but I got overwhelmed, ang dami nila masyado! Hahaha. But I’ll give it a try again. Did you go to their concert here?

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      • Let’s hope that it’s not omg. Don’t focus na lang muna sa members. Naoverwhelm din ako before. Hahaha! I didn’t kasi lowkey fan pa lang ako nun. I regret it now. 😦

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  1. Uy fan din ako ng YG! Una akong naadik sa DBSK tapos tuluyan akong nalulong sa KPop dahil sa Big Bang at 2NE1. Pero hindi na ako sobrang adik ngayon, hindi ko na masyadong trip ang mga bagets haha.

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  2. It has been years since I listened to K-Pop! Well, kind of since Gangnam Style was a big hit on the radio a couple of years ago. I do agree that their lines are pretty catchy1 I remembered listening to BigBang back in the day! Thanks for sharing your playlist πŸ™‚

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  3. Your reasons for liking Kpop are also very true for me, especially the first one πŸ˜€ But I don’t know if can call myself a Kpop fan yet because I only listen to one band and that’s BTS. I do have a few faves outside of Bangtan, and Ma Boy is definitely one of them. Others are 2NE1’s Come Back Home, Goodbye, and Lonely; Bigbang’s Blue; and that catchy song titled Bubble Pop. ^_^

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    • There are tons out there but it does get overwhelming especially since we don’t even know what they’re singing! πŸ˜› Lately, I’ve only been keeping up with YG because their company produces music I really like. I tried listening to BTS but my VIP heart feels like it’s cheating on my boys huhu! Baliw lang pala hahahahha πŸ˜€


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