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Music Mondays: K-Daebak

I wanted to create another playlist of all my favorite non-YG songs but that proved to be rather difficult. I am such a YG stan that I have no idea what other Korean songs are out there! I did, however, get reminded of some of these gems that I’ll be sharing with you today.

4Minute These two songs are my favorite from them. Sure, I like their old songs but the vibe they give off of these two songs are daebak. It’s too bad they disbanded. 🙁

Wonder Girls I’m not a big Wonder Girls fan and I only know a handful of their songs but this one is a fun track to listen to. It’s too bad they disbanded too!

I’m only sharing three songs today but these three are amazing and I really hope you get to watch it if you feel like it. I do love K-Pop but as I was creating last week’s playlist and today’s failed playlist I realized that I am already over it. I only update myself with YG Entertainment’s new releases, specifically Big Bang, Epik High, Lee High, and Winner’s new releases, I couldn’t care less for the rest. I am inevitably grateful for all the memories I had while trying to get to know more of Korean music but I guess I’m over it. 

Was there any type of music or genre you absolutely adored before but got bored with eventually? I’d like to know what you think!


  1. 😮 I love 4minute and those two are my fave songs by them too. 😀 I like the attitude and charisma they have in them.

    • They really stepped it up for these two songs. Too bad they disbanded! 🙁

  2. I love 4minute as well! Their first EP “For Muzik” and 2NE1’s “2NE1” were my favorite releases back in 2009.

    As for the genre, I used to be a low-key fan of pogi “rock” pero eventually na-realize ko kung gaano kakorni ang tugtugan ng Join the Club at Hale hahaha.

    • Hahaha!!! Me too, I even have Hale’s CD. Pero kahit korni, nakakamiss ung OPM, wala na masyadong ganun ngayon (or di na sumisikat).

      • Nakakaloka may CD siya! Masyado pa akong pobre nun e, walang budget pang-CD haha. At oo nga, kahit korni, nakaka-miss ang mga banda. 🙂

        • Hahaha HS ako nun at talagang tinitipid ko sarili ko para sa OPM hahahaha!!!

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